Funeral arrangements are not limited to a loved one's burial but rather include a plethora of legal and financial issues that need to be resolved. Serenity serves as a one-stop marketplace whereby someone can arrange a funeral whilst simultaneously receiving quality legal support, allowing them to settle anything that would weigh on their minds, leaving them free to say their goodbyes.

Join Serenity now and get connected with the people that need your services.

Increase sales

We partner with a selected number of funeral homes in each area enabling us to send a large number of at-need clients to the selected funeral homes.

Gain a competitive advantage

With years of experience, we use sophisticated marketing techniques to identify, attract and convert at-need customers that require your services.

It is free to join

No upfront or hidden fees. Our model varies depending on the industry but costs are clearly marked.  

Simple, quick and easy

Registering on our platform is simple, quick and easy. Simply, create an account, add your information and start reaching customers immediately.

Optimised customer acquisition model

Consumers are increasingly seeking online solutions and Serenity aims to guide businesses through this digital transformation in order to expand your client base.

Continuous level of support

Serenity aims to provide support on an on-going basis depending on your business’s needs.

Customer Matching

According to the business profile you create, we match you with the customers in your area that are a good fit, enabling you to stop stressing about sourcing consumers but rather, building your offers and proving high quality service to your clients.

Booking and Payment facilitation

We remove the hassle from the booking and payment process by handling everything ourselves through the platform; all you need to do is set up a payment method when creating your account.

On-going support

Whether it’s document logistics, electronic signatures or simply a delay in payments, our platform enables you to track everything and we are here to support you throughout each and every customer interaction if needed.

Marketing solutions catered to you

Our team brings you years of experience in digital marketing and lead generation, in order for your business to reach each and e very potential customer interested in your services.


Need more details about our services or assistance creating your account?

Need more details about our services or assistance creating your account?